trials of a mom

Typically I wouldn’t rant and rave and complain about my child…I love him very much. He is an only child to a mom who can’t have children so is spoiled, doted on and loved A LOT!! But the past couple of days it’s as if he is having PMS!! He’s moody, self involved, selfish and whiney!! So not my normal happy go lucky boy. So then tonight…out pops the culprit – Desiree!!! he’s only been crushing on her for 2 yrs and today it came out that she wanted to “go out” (an idiotic term for those who are 10 cause seriously where are they going out??) with his good pal Austin. Then of course later in the day she changes her mind and wants to “go out” with my baby. (again where are they going??? but i digress) He brought home straight A’s on his report card yesterday and now he’s “going out” with Desiree…one would think he’s be happy and chipper and yet he’s still walking around like he lost his last friend. Oh I’m not sure I’m ready for the teenage years yet!!! Calgon, take me away!!!