Book Club Review – Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin

1. What do you think was the real impetus behind Rachel’s decision to sleep with Dex after her birthday party? Was it about her desire to break out of her good girl persona? Was it about a long-standing resentment toward Darcy? Or was it both? I honestly don’t think it has anything to do with Darcy. I think she just was tired of being the good girl!

2. How do you view Dex? I love Dex!!! How would you describe Dex and Rachel’s relationship? He and Rachel’s relationship have what it takes to succeed, similar interest, similar paths, similar desires. What drew them together? Attraction of the lawyer side. Did you root for them to be together? YES YES YES!! Do you think they have true love? Yes!!!
3. Is anything about Rachel and Darcy’s friendship genuine? Yes I believe the friendship is genuine. The history is genuine. Do you believe it has changed over time? Yes. Why does Rachel defend Darcy against attacks from Ethan and Hillary? Because it’s her BFF and she wants everyone to view Darcy as she does.
4. Do you think Dex and Darcy would have married if it weren’t for Dex’s affair with Rachel? Why did he stay with Darcy for so long? I do not think they would have gotten married. There is Darcy’s numerous indiscretions and the fact that she was pregnant with Marcus’ child. I think they stayed together because they appeared to be “perfect” for each other.
5. How did Rachel’s flawed self-image contribute to the dilemma that she faces? What do you see as her greatest weakness? She is afraid of confrontation, afraid to stand up for herself.
6. Was Rachel’s moral dilemma made easier because of Darcy’s personality? Somewhat. Would she have acted on her attraction to Dex if Darcy were a different kind of person and friend? Yes, very much so!! How does Rachel rationalize her affair with Dex? Dex still wanted it, Darcy didn’t treat him well, etc
7. What risks does Rachel take when she pursues her relationship with Dex? She risks her entire reputation, her loyalty to her BFF, her parents disapproval. What is the biggest moment of risk for her? Probably not going to the 4th of July party to stay in town with Dex. How does Rachel grow and change in the novel? She learns that she can have something equal to Darcy, that she is just as worthy as Darcy is.
8. Disloyalty is a major theme in this novel. How differently do men and women view cheating on a friend? Marcus had no issue with it…yet both Darcy & Rachel strugged with it. Why is Darcy so indignant when she catches Dex and Rachel together when she has been having an affair of her own? Because Rachel is so far beneath her how could Dex actually want her?!?!? And add in the lifetime loyalty of the BFF…she had no right to be indignant but wouldn’t we all have been????
9. Under what circumstances is it justified to choose love over friendship? When it’s equally healthy to your well being; when it only enhances the already established boundaries. How important is it for women to stick together? 20 yrs ago I would have said it wasn’t important at all!!!! Now, it is critical to the sanity to any woman!!!! Have you ever been in a friendship like Darcy and Rachel’s? No, not like theirs exactly, but I do have a BFF I would do anything for…yet I don’t feel like we are in a competition with each other like Darcy & Rachel.
10. This novel is told from Rachel’s perspective. How do you think Darcy would tell the same story? How do you think she would describe Rachel? How do you think she views their friendship? Laughs….check out Something Blue…. =)


One thought on “Book Club Review – Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin

  1. During this book I found myself rooting for Dex and Racheal. Even though it was an affair I wanted them to make it from start to finish. From their first kiss at the birthday party to the end. I hated Darcy. I thought of her as a stuck up prissy little brat.

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