Book Club Review – Something Blue by Emily Giffin

1. Many readers of Something Borrowed expressed doubts at being able to read and enjoy a book from Darcy’s point of view. Were you reluctant to read her story? No, I couldn’t wait!!! Did your feelings about her ever change? WOW, I hated Darcy but they changed to be rooting for her by the end of the story. If so, at what point in the story? When Ethan finally gets in her face and she takes it to heart!!

2. What do you view as Darcy’s greatest weakness? Could this also be considered her greatest strength? If so, how? Her greatest weakness is she is superficial and shallow.
3. What do you think caused Darcy’s breakup with Marcus? Do you think Marcus was more or less responsible for it than Darcy? Marcus was responsible for the breakup. He wasn’t ready for the marriage/kid thing, then add in Darcy’s controlling ways…it was doomed from the beginning.
4. In many ways this is a story about personal growth and transformation. Do you think people can fundamentally change? YES!!! How difficult did it seem for Darcy to change? Very difficult, but when she had no other choice, she did grow up and take responsibility for her actions. What role did Ethan play in those changes? He painted them in such a way that no one else had ever and she was finally able to see it. What role did her pregnancy play? It caused her to not be able to be the spoiled brat anymore, she had 2 little boys to be mom too.
5. What do you think would have become of Darcy if she had not become pregnant? She woulda stayed the same…only add in bitter and callous due to Rachel & Dex. What do you think some of the key differences in living life in London as opposed to New York? I think it helped her not to have ANY friends and forced to make new. Do you think some of these differences helped Darcy evolve? Yes…especially since she wasn’t known there, it was a fresh start.
6. How do you think Darcy’s relationship with her mother played a role in the person she was? A big part…her mom was not the caring, nurturing suburban mom.
7. In what ways are Dex, Marcus, and Ethan different? Dex was looking for his “forever love”. Marcus was looking to “hook up”. Ethan wasn’t looking at all!! In what ways are they similar? They were all attracted to Darcy. Do you think their similarities are true of men in general? Yes, absolutely!!!
8. Where do you see Darcy and Rachel in five years? Possible friends, but never having the closeness they once shared. Ten? With Ethan’s help & the healing process of time, they could be close friends again.
9. If you were Darcy, would you have been able to forgive Rachel? Yes Would you have invited her to your wedding? Yes Do you feel there is a line that can be crossed in friendship, where forgiveness isn’t possible? No, never.
10. What are your views regarding the closing sentences of the book: “Love and friendship. They are what make us who we are, and what can change us, if we let them.”? They are inspired words of ultimate truth!!!!!


One thought on “Book Club Review – Something Blue by Emily Giffin

  1. When I started reading this book I was like “great Darcys point of view”. I was excited to read it to see what happened from her point of view, but thought at the end I would feel the same way about Darcy as I did from the end of something barrowed. I was wrong. About half way through the book I started to understand Darcy very much. I understood how she became stronger as a person. At the end of the book with Ethan and Darcy became a true partnership I was just as excited for them as I was for Dex and Racheal.

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