At a very early age I learned that dreams were often times scary, sometimes fun and sometimes worth paying close attention too. My first real remembrance of this was in the fall of 1982. I was 12 years old and in junior high. My family and I had just taken a long vacation that summer driving from Oklahoma to Pennsylvania, Washington DC and back through the Smokey’s. On this fall morning, I got up and told my mom I had had a bad dream…that there was something wrong with the Washington Monument. Now we didn’t think much of it at the time because we had just come from there and I am deathly afraid of heights and going to the top was a real stretch of my ability to remain calm. Interestingly enough, my mom said that she had a dream about my eldest niece, Julie, the night before. At the time, I thought it was her attempt to get my mind directed to something else. I went to school that day and life went on as planned. I believe it was right around lunch time when I heard the news that my niece Julie’s home had been burnt to the ground in a fire (I went to school with some of her step siblings). I was completely freaking out…did my mom just NOT tell me she dreamed about Julie the night before??? I eagerly await the end of school when I can tell my mom of the events I had heard of the day. The bell finally rings and I run out the front of Central Junior High and my mom is there to pick me up. Before I can even say hi, tell her what I had found out, she tells me to sit in the truck and listen to her. She had been watching the news all day where a man had taken hostages in the Washington Monument. She turned up the news on her radio in the truck and low and behold she was right. After listening to it a bit longer, I shared my story about Julie. We both were shocked & stunned and listened to the rest of the news broadcast in silence.

My next experience with dreams came when I was 18 and working my first job. There was a family who was very close to ours. We did a lot of things together with them, visits, holidays, vacations, etc. But through the course of time, we had begun to separate some and hadn’t been in contact for a month or so. I woke up, told my mom I had a dream about this family and felt like something wasn’t right. I later went into work, saw a mutual friend (I was a bank teller and saw 100s of people every day) and this mutual friend asked if I had heard the news. “What news?” I say??? It seems that one of their family attempted suicide the night before but had been unsuccessful.

One of the most recent experiences with dreams came on my 38th birthday. We had just admitted my mom to the hospital for pneumonia and my son dreamed that she was going to die. We all, even my mom, tried to convince him it was only a dream. We had no idea that exactly 14 days, 2 weeks later to the day, we would say our final goodbyes and watch my mom slip from this world to the next.

It was 2 weeks after my mom passed that my niece Amanda called me to tell me of a dream a co-worker of hers had about her. The co-worker asked if her grandma who just passed away was heavy set with gray hair because a woman matching that description was in his dream the night before handing him a Bible asking him to give it to Amanda so she could study it and my Mom could see her again.

Someone once told me that my dreams are God’s way of alerting me and showing me the way to pray for people. Believe whatever you want, but I do believe God uses my dreams and the dreams of those around me to do just that. Even in the Bible He used dreams, why are we so narrow minded to think that He couldn’t do it now??? I don’t believe in accidents or coincidences. Even as far back as when I was 12 and didn’t know Jesus, He was using my dreams to alert me.

Now…I said all that to say this…God is alerting me again. My wonderful great niece (Anna) who is 4 has had a dream that her Mom (my niece Racheal) is going to the heavens with Meme (my mom) and MeMaw (my sister, Racheal’s mom). She also believe she is going too…she has seen Meme in her dreams. When Racheal text me, I asked her a series of questions and then she put Anna on the phone. Anna is adamant that this all will happen on Tuesday (I talked with her late last week so Tuesday…is today….). So today, I pray a prayer of protection around my niece Racheal & my great niece Anna…may God keep them safe and sound, happy and healthy and may the phone ring late tonight or early tomorrow morning saying that they are all safe and sound.


2 thoughts on “dreams

  1. Ive had some of those same kinds of dreams. Luckily for me only some of them have come true. Im keeping my fingers crossed that Anna's dont come true.

  2. I'll keep your family in mind on Tuesday and the days that follow…

    I used to have those types of dreams when I was a small child, but didn't realize exactly what they were until I was much older!

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