Do you ever notice how many different “kinds” of friends you have??  You have the casual aquaintenance friend, the family friend, the co-worker friend, the long lost friend, the guy friend, the “BFF” friend, the new friend.  How these all make the tapestry that is our lives is a phenomenon that I find very interesting. 

The casual aquaintenance is that one who’s always ready to go out and hang out with you, have a laugh and it’s always a good time.  There might be some personal information exchanged, but not anything too deep.  This one is the good time person and it’s very fun to hang out with this person because it’s easy to be friends with them, it’s low maintenance.  It’s easy and fun.

The family friend is the person that you’ve known half of forever and have lots of memories with and always have a great time with when you hang out.  These friends are the ones you’ll share a holiday with, they are considered family and they know your entire life history and you know theirs but there may or may not be lots of secrets exchanged. Regardless they are part of the strings that make our lives beautiful.

The co-worker friend is the one that you have at work and perhaps not anywhere else.  While both work at the same place, the friendship thrives and is good, but should one or both of their employments change, the friendship dwindles and there is no real core to the friendship.  Don’t mistake their importance in our lives, though.  They make life at work worth living.

The long lost friend is the friend who may or may not want to be found.  If they are happy to be found, there will be hours and hours of catching up and you’ll quickly remember why you were friends in the first place.  Shared memories, shared mutual friends and new found interests are quickly found and the friendship is once again solidified.  If they are NOT happy to be found, they will try and avoid you while they say the would like to catch up and hurt you all over again.  Either way, the long lost friends are a thread that can not be replaced in our lives.

The guy friend is the friend who most of the time you forget what gender they are and take into confidence despite what others think.  This is also the “gal friend” of the males.  They can talk sports, fashion, music, movies and a friendship quickly forms.  Many confuse this with a flirtation, while really it is a true friendship.  They can provide a very vivid stripe of color in the tapestry of our lives.

The new friend is the one who you’re drawn too but you can’t quite trust and bring into your confidence yet.  They are fun and interesting and “new”!!  For those who have issues with trust, it may take a while before you know you can befriend them or not, but in the mean time they are great to hang out with.

The BFF friend is the one person who knows every little thing about you, knows ALL your secrets, keeps ALL your secrets and loves you anwayws.  You may not see this person every day, but you know that no matter what that person is there for you.  These BFF’s know that what they have is special, as not everyone has one, but they also know it’s something to be treasured, protected and honored.  These friends have more then one string, more then one thread, more then one color in the tapestry of our lives.  They are essential for our survival. 

Regardless of the stripe, color, thread or string these people bring to your lives, remember to respect and honor their place in your lives because without friends, our lives truly would be destitute and lonely!!!


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