My family is odd and complex. I was the baby of a woman who had me late in life with her new husband. I am my Dad’s only child. My mom had two other children: a daughter 13 yrs older than me (Dinah, God rest her soul) and a son 11 yrs older than me (Bubba). I have been the ‘World Greatest Aunt’ since I was 6.

My sister had 7 children: Julie (33), Racheal (28), Molly (27), Josh (25), Katy (23), Daniel (21) & Willie (19). Julie lives in Oklahoma with her 3 children: Jessica, Dannyelle & Joey. Racheal lives in South Carolina with her 3 girls: Alexia, Kyrah & Ryannah. Molly lives in Missouri with her 4 children: Justice, Dre, Aliyah & Dominick. Josh lives in Missouri with his 2 girls: Ty & JC. Katy lives in Oklahoma with her 3 children: Zoe, Gary & Zandra. Daniel & Willie both live in Missouri.
My brother had 6 children: Tabatha (30), Amanda (27), Savannah (23), Danielle (23), Ben (19), Cody (18). Taba lives in Elkhart with her 3 children: Kiesha, Logan & Alicia. Amanda lives in Texas with her 2 boys: Ethan & Corbin. Savannah lives in Elkhart with her daughter Madison. Danielle lives in Indiana with her daughter Kahlan. Ben is in the Marines and lives in California. Cody is finishing up high school and lives in Elkhart.
As I am sure I will do over the course of this blog is blog about my nieces and nephews since they have always been such a big part of my life. Some though not until recently when we’ve all grown up and became more like sisters instead of aunt/nieces. I can remember, for example, babysitting Taba & Rae for my entire summer while my mom & sister worked. I can remember being in the hospital the night Molly was born. I can remember Taba living with me for 4 years and being “my little sister”. So many great memories that I can and will share but today my blog is about Amanda. I never really had much contact with Amanda until they moved here and she was in junior high or beginning high school. She always had a special bond with my mom. I remember one birthday that I took her out for lunch then went shopping, just us. It was a great memory for me. I remember the night I shocked everyone and went out with them for “Girls Night Out.” She still has the picture of me holding a beer and being in shock. Now, I have another great memory with this past weekend in San Antonio. Amanda welcomed me into her home and showed me a great time while I was there. I am honored to be the first one in our family to have visited her. I will always be the one who visited her first!! I know she is lonesome down there without family so I was glad I could spend some time with her and her boys. I had so much fun it was hard to leave them at the airport without breaking down and crying!! Her little boys just stole my heart…Ethan especially!! I am so thankful for the internet and the technology to keep in touch…Facebook & texting provide instantaneous communication with our loved ones far away. So Amanda, thank you for another great memory to add to the million other memories that make me thankful to be the ‘World’s Greatest Aunt’!!! Love you much!!!


2 thoughts on “Amanda

  1. OK Now I'm crying. I remember you taking me shopping for my birthday. I got a pair of overals. 🙂 haahaa it was at JCP. I am soo happy that work brought down here with us. The boys loved having you as much as I did. Ethan still keeps waiting for me to go get you from work. I am sorry we didn't do more when you were down here (darn fountains) but glad that we did get the time we did get together. I want to thank you for yet another great memory for my memory book. HaaHaa and I will never look at Pop Rocks the same 🙂 Or carrots haahaa man I can just crack up thinking about it. I can't wait to come home for christmas and get to sit at Hacienda together 🙂 Love you sweetie!
    Amanda aka number 4 🙂

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