Sooner friends….found………

I am often amazed and extremely thankful that i have found almost all my friends since i was 4 yrs old.  The internet has a way of connecting people regardless of geographical closeness.  I am very thankful for my dear friends who I have found in the last year on Facebook.

Pre-Kindergarten friends found:  Maggy Daxon, my first friend ever!!!, and DeeDee Artherton.  Both were friends I made while staying at my Manny’s house.  We spent countless hours playing outside, slumber parties and hanging out and being together.  I have found both of them in the last year via Facebook.

K-6 friends found:  Rosary Hernandez, Shellie Stafford & Kerri Pannell.  I have found these three in the last year and all had such an amazing inpact on me growing up.  Shellie and i would spend the night at each other’s house, we were in Girl Scout’s together, she was there for my 10th birthday party.  I have a lasting reminder of my dear friendship with Shellie…a piece of rock in my lip that is still there today…left over from a fall on the playground in 3rd grade where i broke my nose.  Shellie and i were running to the line, obviously she beat me!!  Rosary was my elementary school BFF.  We played countless games of tether ball, talked about all the boys in class and always had each others back.  I don’t know how many secrets of my crush on Jason Lacey I shared with her…great memories that I would never trade.  Kerri and I were great friends until she moved across town and we lost contact.  I can remember standing in the street watching her car drive away and sobbing.  My mom had to explain that across town wasn’t the end of the world.  I’m glad to have re-connected with her!!  I had two other close friends, Staci Toth & Vicki Burwell that i just recently learned are still alive and well in B’ville and i hope to re-connect with them as well.

Grades 7 – 10 friends found:  Heather Smith, Virginia Campbell & Marla McGee.  Heather and I became fast friends via choir.  She and i would talk about anything & everything.  Boys, classes, religion…you name it, we talked about it.  She is my BFF from Junior High.  I couldn’t believe my eyes when I had a friend request on Facebook from her…I had only been looking for her for almost 2 years!!!  I remember having several classes with Virginia and her and i always laughing in class.  We weren’t good friends, but she made a lasting impression on me…and I’m so excited she is now my sister in Christ.  I have a million and one memories of Marla McGee…and most of them take place at Municiple Stadium when it was probably 101 degrees.  I remember her and I being the only girls in a big group of boys who seemed to be at every home  baseball game the Doenges Ford Injuns had.  Hanging out with Marla always made my life a little more fun and i cherish those memories even today. 

* insert a life changing move to another entire state, losing contact with most every friend i had ever made *

i can’t even begin to describe the deep sense of gratitude i have in finding these important people in my life.  so many times we don’t realize the impact we have on those around us and these girls probably don’t know what their friendship has always meant to me.  so for the memories, the laughs, the secrets shared, the countless hours of shared kindred spirits…i say thank you to my dear friends.  thank you for allowing me to see into your lives now, even if it is from a Facebook status or a blog entry.


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