Adoption Day

it was about 2:30pm on November 22, 1999 when Jason, Jayden & I sat in the judges chambers while he looked over the “decree for adoption” that would say that Jayden was ours for the rest of his life. it took all of about 25 minutes, he signed and out we went. Jayden was born Jayden Nicholas David Housley and in those 25 minutes his name changed to Jayden Nicholas David Padgett. there are no photographic evidence this happened, but only the memories in my mind. there is the adoption decree that i carried in my purse for close to 9 years afraid someone was going to question if he was mine, but nothing photographic. we had been caring for him since the second he was born. i was in the delivery room, cut the cord and was the first one to hold him…while he was icky & gross still. we took him home with temporary legal custody until the adoption was final. and while i knew everything would be ok…having those papers, knowing the judge signed the decree and spending those 25 minutes in the judges chambers truly changed my life. Jayden is my walking talking reminder that God does answer my prayers; that is why his name is Jayden (Jadon is Hebrew for Jehovah has heard)!!! i can truly say i am thankful for the priviledge of being called “Mom”!!!!


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