Christmas ornaments

Our tree finally got put up this weekend…only one week late!!!  We normally put the tree up the Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend, but since we were down in Southern Indiana, we weren’t able to do it then.  The tree went up with out a hitch, something that never ever happens!! 

Jayden got his annual Christmas tree ornament and of course i bought two of them.  When he is ready to grow up and leave me, he will have his set of ornaments to put up and i will have mine and no one gets cheated!!!  He has now 11 ornaments on my tree, ranging from “Baby’s First Christmas”, to Yoda, to Bob & Larry, to Snoopy trying to get elected (from 2004, Election year), to Leonardo, Elvis x 3 (he loves Elvis!!) to this year’s ornament, Mickey & Minnie. 

The past few years, when Jayden & I go to get his ornament, we get Jason an ornament too.  This year, we found the perfect ornament for him.  First you have to know that Jason is the cook at our house.  We call him the “Chef” or the “Grill Master”!!  You also have to know that for our Christmas Eve dinner we have home made cheeseburgers, toasted buns & home made French Fries.  So when Jayden & I found this ornament, we simply  had to buy it for Jason…Jason simply loved it!!
This year when I got out my decorations I was again overwhelmed with a since of homesickness when I put this ornament on the tree.  I would simply love to visit home at Christmas, but I know that what i miss isn’t there.  I miss my childhood home, my mom cooking in the kitchen and staying up most of the night before Christmas getting everything ready and my Dad shooting us some mistletoe right out of the tree.  The things I am homesick for this year, can’t ever be visited again except in my memories.
So the tree is up and it’s filled with old memories and new ones and the hope that there will be many more to come.

2 thoughts on “Christmas ornaments

  1. We do ornaments for each other too, but we give them on Christmas Eve and it's always something that's special about that year. And even though I am “home” getting out the ornaments makes me weepy for the past as well. You aren't alone, girl! 🙂

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