the daredevil of my life…

on the way home from Christmas #5 i was excited to go in and get some much needed rest!!!  that lasted all of about 2 minutes when my little rat terrier, Lakota, decided to slip and fall off the stairs outside.  she came in and wouldn’t walk….i looked at her paw and knew something was wrong.  we called the emergency vet and took her in.  By 12:30am they had her casted (splinted) and us with a bottle of meds and out the door…only $305 later!!!  X-rays and the emergency treatment costs…yikes!!  The next morning we (Jason & Jayden) are in the vets office where they tell us she will be fine in 4-6 weeks.  She should have a complete and total recovery.  The vet assured us that within 3-4 days she would be doing everything she did before just with the cast.  Well that took all of 24 hours where she tried (and succeeded) in jumping off the couch! the next 4 weeks should be a hoot!!! 🙂


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