the day has come and gone.  i handled it.  i enjoyed it.  yes…the big 4-0!!!

almost 20 of my favorite closest friends & family were in attendance at the birthday dinner at Hacienda.  Dad, Bubba, Tina, Cody, Taba, Tim, Stacy, Laurita, Shane, Tony, Shannon, Rach & Bob!!!  There were obviously people missing.  Mom & Sissy…God rest their souls…must have been celebrating with me in heaven with all my grandparents!  Racheal, my dear name sake, lives out of town and wasn’t here.  Amanda, my number 4 niece, had just returned to Texas from a 2 week trip here.  Many more family members who are scattered across the country and were unable to come. But for those who were there…a good time was had by all.

of course once we are seated, i havta open the presents cause that’s just way too long to be waiting when presents are involved!!! 🙂  What great cards i got…so funny!!!  The funniest one, was from my brother.  It talked about how when he thinks back to all the family times we have shared together over the years…and when you open it says how he’s not surprised we aren’t more screwed up then we are!!!  This card is so very true!!!  Stacy gave me the greatest gift.  A few weeks ago, Laurita and I went to buy Vera Bradley purses. And we found these really great keyrings/necklaces.  You can customize them and make then personal.  I really wanted to make one, but I bought a Vera instead.  Well, Stac, unknowing this, went and made me the keyring and bought me a Vera wallet!!! I was so excited!!! We order, we talk, we laugh, we take pictures.  As the meal progressed it dawned on some members at the table that no one had arranged for them to come sing to me. I have a feeling my #2 niece, Taba, conned my Dad into making the arrangements…knowing that i couldn’t yell and scream at my Dad and most likely i couldn’t get him back either.  so low and behold, Dad calls the girl over and announces to all that it’s my birthday and she claims that she will ‘take care of it!’.  Once the food had all be taken away, here came all the waitresses and since this is my favorite restaurant…they all look at me and recognize me and are even more joyful in singing.  My Dad was loving “getting me”!!!  The evening kinda slowed down after that…with various people leaving as life called us back to reality.  I couldn’t have imagined any thing better then sharing my birthday with those people who are closest to me!!!


One thought on “29-11

  1. I wish I could have been there to celebrate with you all. Just know I was there but in your heart. 🙂 I'm happy you had a great 29 11. 🙂 Can't wait till you can make it down here agian. Huggs and kisses Anut Jenny.

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