girl friends

someone once told me that if through out my life i could find a couple close friends who stuck by me no matter what, i should count myself blessed.  for me…it’s not about the quantity of my friendships, but the quality.  and i can say that i have been blessed beyond measure when it comes to my friends. 

i have 4 friends who are my back-bone, support system and measuring stick in which all other friends are measured.  Laurita, Erica, Rach & Stac.  no matter what my circumstances are, one of these friends is always there to support me.

Laurita is my adopted sister.  she is my Kenny girl.  her family and my family intersect to the point of vacationing together.  her mom is my adopted mom, her grandma, one of my favorite persons of all time.  we have holidays together.  we hold secrets and share hubby stories.  she was raised similiar to how i was raised.  we have a similiar life.  she is special to me in ways i can’t describe.

Erica is my very close friend and my hair lady.  remember the old saying, there are secrets that only your hairdresser knows???  that’s the case here.  we share together secrets of being wives and mothers and the things we struggle with.  we debate Scripture and how we interpret it but we know that if the other ever needed anything the other would be there.  Erica is steady, reliable and a constant in my life and i love her dearly.

Rach is my newest close friend.  while we have known each other for years (ECHS class of 88!!!) we only have just in the last 3 years became close friends.  we share secrets that we would tell never admit too, crushes on people we know, what it means to be the same age (29-11) and raising children the same age.  We too share hubby stories and lament over not being 21 anymore.  she is part of the tripod.

and then there is Stac who is my other half, my BFF, the keeper of all secrets that are Jen.  she understands me when i don’t even make sense, she helps me see the other side of any issue or problem i am having.  she and i share the infamous vault (classic Seinfeld reference) where secrets are shared and never repeated.  she was raised in Texas, and i in Oklahoma.  her mom is SO much like my mom.  we have similar experiences and can understand each other when no one else in the world can understand us.  she is part of the tripod.

Mom always said to find girlfriends who you can trust and cherish and never let them go; that men will come and go but the one constant in your life will be your girlfriends.  Mom was right.  i am amazingly blessed to have each of them in my life and for that i’m extremely thankful.  so to Laurita, Erica, Rach & Stac….thank you.  thank you for being my friend and for meaning so much to me.  your friendship is cherished.


my baby is 11

my baby is 11. he decided to break the tradition and go to school because he had a big assignment due at school. so i picked him up and we went to Hacienda (his fave).

we went to Maguey’s for supper with Papa & Granny & Bumpy.

and for his birthday present, we took him to see Jeff Dunham!!!
my baby is 11!!!