Road Trip!!!

so for months it’s been in the plans….and then finally it arrives.  April 2.  i could barely contain my excitment at being able to be with my two BFF’s all weekend.  our friendships originally were forged over Mexican food while lamenting over the current office politics at Philips.  and time and circumstances caused them to go deeper and share more secrets, double dates with spouses, our kids intertwined as well.  and so…since it takes a small act of God to get our schedules together now, we planned this weekend back in early February. 

what most don’t understand is that women need other women to interact with…that if they don’t have that they become introverted and depressed.  this past weekend was a well needed break for all of us.  we had so much to catch up on, so much to share and so many laughs to have…and believe me we did!!!!  from some awful food, to some hilarious conversations over turkey parts, to shopping til we dropped (almost)…it was much needed and much enjoyed by all.

so…to my two BFF’s….thank you for the laughs and for the memories but mostly for being my best friends!!!

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