the priviledge

for 10 years i dreaded this day. it would come and i would be a basket case all day long. the pain so unbearable that there were times i couldn’t even leave my home. this was always a horrible experience for me – Mother’s Day. i tried to focus on my Mom, my Mother-in-law & my Sister but inevitably everyone else got to have a baby and there i was another year without one, without any hope of ever being a Mom.

then my world changed. this little bundle of joy was given to me and my entire world changed. where i was destitute before i had joy; where there was pain i now had peace. the sun shined brighter, the birds sang a little louder and the grass was a little greener. Jayden had come into my life. there are no words to explain how i felt with the selfless gift of life i was given but it was so evident to me that this was a priviledge that was given to me and i could not take it lightly.

Mother’s Day every year reminds me of the priviledge i was given…to be called “Mom”, to give unconditional love, to be able to impact another’s life. it is a great priviledge to be Jayden Nicholas David’s Mom….one i will never ever take for granted.

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