summer break is upon us

i work from home: conference calls, software help desk calls, database maintenance, and the like. it’s always been me and the 4 lb daredevil making it through the lonely days…until June 7 when on the first day of Summer Break my 11 yr old gets grounded from EVERYTHING electronic. imagine if you will an eleven year old boy trying to entertain himself while not being able to watch tv, listen to the radio, pop a DVD in, listen to his mp3 player, defeat the monsters on his DS, catch up with his friends on Facebook or improve his sporting skills on the Wii…this has been my last week. he has read his Bible, learned his memory verses, taken the 4 lb daredevil for walks, played with those things stored in his room – toys, did so many chores my next pay check is almost gone and yet he’s still been bouncing off the walls. i am so thankful that this weekend was the Rhapsody in Green (a local festival) and he was able to get out and about some (albeit with his *gasp* parents). so as the grounding closely comes to a close, i take a deep breath and hope that next week is a definite improvement over this week!!!