Jay is one amazing kid!!!

Jay is a very sensitive boy. he can know something is wrong long before anyone else. and there are times where he actually baffles me how he knows so much at 11. yes, i am bragging on my kid. we have struggled in finding something he really “fits” with. we’ve tried soccer, baseball, Awana’s, football and now the trumpet. i was impressed when he came home from the first 1 hour lesson in July, but again, i tend to think my kid is the best in the entire world. so this week when we began his private lessons and the instructor of 35+ yrs commented that he had only ever had one other student as talented as Jay, it was a big deal. Jay, who is very confident one minute and insecure the next, asked me if i thought the instructor was lying. since i had already been impressed (and i’ve played the piano since i was 8), i was almost 100% sure the instructor was NOT lying and told Jay so. later that night he came into my office in tears because ‘i just suck at everything mom’. oh the trials of being 11 and on the verge of hormones and hysteria. after about 30 minutes of him sobbing on my lap (which he refuses to believe he’s outgrown), we finally understand that we don’t suck at everything but sometimes we are just naturally gifted in other areas and we don’t have to be the BEST at everything!!!

the rule at our house is that if i don’t know someone’s parents, Jay isn’t allowed to go into their house. for the last 1-2 weeks, Jay’s been playing over at a friends house. when i would ask, it was always outside. 5 minutes after we have recovered from the emotional outburst he’s back in my office confessing that he has been playing inside this friends house on the wii. now the most important rule in our house is NO LYING!!! but he knows that if he confesses and tells me straight to my face, the punishment will be a lot less severe. so i listened to him confess of the lies, the deceit and how he asked Jesus to forgive him as well. but did i really think i could forgive him and could Jesus really forgive him. wow…nothing like two whammy’s back to back!!! so as i explained about faith and believing God’s word and how if God said it, He means it and on and on…i was able to show him a very valuable lesson…the truth works. Jay did get punished but NOTHING like what would have happened if i would have walked by this friends house and NOT seen Jay outside.

can i just say how blessed i am to be the mom of such an amazing kid???


my mini-me Anna is coming to visit!!!

so excited that my Anna is coming to stay with her Aunt Jenny for 2 whole weeks!!! We are gonna do all kinds of girlie things and actually tip the hormones in my house to female side instead of the testosterone overload i always have. gonna be doing girlie stuff like nails and shopping and maybe even our hair!! woohoo!!!