i’m sure we’ve all had friends who walk in and out of our life and leave footprints on our heart. those who come just for a particular setting or place and without any reason then drift back out of your life. we’ve all had those…like most everyone else, i cherish those people…they boost me up and help me through.

but today, today my blog is about those people who say they are your friend, yet truly aren’t. these people, for whatever reason, tend be those who i attract. they want my opinion, my advice, my knowledge but never once take it. they want my time, my effort, my loyalty yet never offer in return. they say they are my friend, that they’ll be there but when it comes right down to it, something in their life is always more important. i have a list of friends who have done this to me…and i have finally learned my lesson!

today, today i’m thankful for those friends of mine who not only say they are my friend, but their actions prove they are my friend. there is tangible proof they are my friend. it’s not so much about the title of friendship, best friends, besties or BFF’s…it’s simply about being loyal to what you say, about being there, and simply being a friend.


One thought on “PROOF

  1. It's a little bit sad, I think, that it takes us to 40 (or almost 40) to figure out friendships, huh? And it KILLS me for my 8 year old who is just starting to have *real* friendships!!

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