to be…or not to be….


so as i go on without my one friend who i thought would be here forever, life is different. i have surrounded myself with strong, loyal women who have taught me that friendship isn’t about knowing each other the longest, but instead about sticking together no matter what. that friendship isn’t about who knows your secrets but about those who know your secrets and accepts you anyways. that friendship isn’t about having to call when i need them, but about them being close enough to know to come anyways, whether i call or not. my group of strong, loyal women – real!!!

so yes, my life is different. and a part of me misses my one friend, but i don’t miss the drama it took to keep her as a friend. but over all…different is so much better.


One thought on “to be…or not to be….

  1. Friendships are what you put into them.. so if you are surrounded by great friends (which it seems you are) then YOU yourself are a great friend.. And that was never in question. 🙂 I love you Aunt Jenny. Sorry you miss a friend that you once thought would be there with you forever, but oh so happy you have friends that you KNOW will.

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