a travel related revelation

so my job requires travel. i used to travel at least once a month, but the past year, it’s been only a few months that have required me to travel around. in April, i went to New Orleans, LA and this week i’ve been in San Francisco, CA. when we travel to the office it’s in Greenbelt, MD (which is right between Baltimore, MD and DC). i love to travel. i love the excitement of being completely out of control of what is happening. i like to pack. i like to see what kind of cool toiletries i will find next. traveling for me is a positive experience. but through out traveling to Baltimore, DC, NOLA & SF i’ve truly come to realize that i could never live in a place where there was no sky. the sky, the sun, the very day light of the sun is so very important to me. i have to be able to see the sky, the land, when i need it. as i sit in the down town fancy hotel in down town San Francisco, i am realizing that i need the wide open spaces, the big blue sky to be happy. i wonder if i can talk my boys into moving to Montana or Wyoming…in my dream house, of course!!!


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