the last tooth

one of your goals as a parent is to raise your child to be independent and self sustaining. you want to teach your child to be responsible and to be able to take care of himself. these are all well and good until they become reality for any mom. then it’s a bittersweet cup of tea that must be swallowed.

as a 6th grader, my son is one of the most independent children i know. because my job requires some travel, he’s been asked to step up and be more responsible then most 11 yr old. and he handles it as if it’s just another day in our home. what i allow my child to do, most parents wouldn’t…but they do not know the responsibility of my child either. does that make me a bad parent?? no, in fact, i think it makes me a better one.

with all this said, it was still hard to handle when my son comes into the living room (he’s watching the American Music Awards in his room because well, because I wasn’t watching them and he was dying to watch) and hands me a bloody tooth…this is the dialog that followed:
Jayden: here mom, here’s my tooth finally (he had one baby tooth left)
Mom: yay, you finally got it out…
as Jayden is walking away, Dad: aww look he’s not your baby any more
Mom: stop or i’m going to cry. ugh…this is one bloody tooth…
as I walk away to wash my hands and put the tooth away, Dad: aren’t you glad you’re the Mom??

as tears well up in my eyes, i say to myself…yes, i most certainly am….


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