a tough day for Worlds Greatest Mom

if it wasn’t enough to just live through the fact that Jayden just lost his last baby tooth, i’m now treated to the wonderment of his first girlfriend. i’ve known he and Brianna have been “going out” (where i’ll never know, but “Mom, it’s just what we do”) for a month or two, but as we talked last night, things are progressing. Thursday nights are Jayden’s and my date night…has been for years…we go to dinner, just us and we talk (Jason is bowling). so last night in our weekly “date”, i ask how it was going with Brianna. (we typically talk about many of his friends, the drama that his friends experience in 6th grade, who’s “going out” with who, etc) so as we talk, i ask if he’s kissed her. he blushes and says no. we talk, we laugh, we eat. we come home and have our typical night…he texts and we all kinda snuggle on the couch with the dog and wait for either Vampire Diaries or Big Bang Theory to come on. we watch our shows and then it’s bedtime and i tell him to leave his phone. this is something i do randomly…i review his texts, check his call logs, etc. (ah the consequences for being my child!!) he hands me the phone, goes in and gets dressed for bed and comes back and sits down beside me. (the rule in our house is if you come tell me EVERYTHING, there is less likely negative results.) he reminds me of this and then says, when you asked me if i kissed Brianna, i didn’t really lie, but i have kissed her on the cheek a few times. (laughing inside so much) i say ok, thank you for telling me and ask why he didn’t tell me sooner. he says, i thought you’d to be mad. i said, am i? he said, no. i said, see what telling the truth does?? big hugs and big kisses and he heads to bed. i’m still laughing inside over the kisses on the cheek.

i then begin to review the texts between he and Brianna. 142 text messages in 2 days most of which are ‘i’m bord’ or ‘whatca doin’ (don’t even get me started on the text lingo that teaches bad spelling and my blood pressure to rise) but there was something that caught me off guard a bit: “ily” “ily2” yikes…Mom, take a deep breath and tries not to “freak out”!!! as soon as i catch my breath i think, ‘aww…how cute’. i’m still waivering between “my baby “loves” some other woman other than me” and “aww how cute” today.

Jason comes home, i relay the information and we go in and say goodnight to him and remind him to treat Brianna with respect, to not be “bullied” into doing something he’s not ready for and to remember that PDA’s can get you into trouble in 6th grade. *sigh* “Mom, geez, i’m not gonna kiss her on the lips at school even though [insert BFF name here] wants me too. im just not ready for that.” i have a big sign of relief. remind him that boys will continue to tell him to do more stuff with girls (i’m pretty blunt) but he should only ever do what he’s confortable with and make sure he tells me so i can help him. (background information here: Jason was kissing girls and “going with them” at kindergarten. i didn’t have a boyfriend until i was 13. Jason gets to be the authority on this topic)

Brianna, kissing on the cheek, “ily”…….we are only in 6th grade….heaven help me the next 7 years cause i, worlds greatest mom, is surely going to need it!!!