i suppose it was all those summer games early on in my life that gave me such a love for baseball. my parents were season ticket holders for the Bartlesville Doenges Ford Injuns for every year of my life that we lived in Oklahoma. I probably knew what a strike was before I knew the I was going to school. still to this day I can probably go down the numbers and tell you who wore the corresponding number…for example, #8 was John Igleheart & #9 was Brad Bell…and so forth and so on. as a young girl i was enamored with baseball and the players, even though they were only high school age boys playing. anyways…the love of baseball was early on en-grained in me. so from January 2nd until the infamous February 15th (the start of spring training) until opening day are long, long months of horrible winter months for me.

but at the beginning of March something happens to me. this has been something only to happen in the recent years of moving to Indiana, where basketball is worshiped, lived and breathed. i become totally engrossed in the tournaments leading up to the bracket selection Sunday. and then it’s off to the races…mid-March brings me days and days of endless basketball…and i soak up every game i can…even into wee hours of the night. i pick my favorites, i fill out brackets, i cheer for the underdog. and then…suddenly the beloved day is upon me…
Opening Day…
the Final Four…
oh there is a God and He loves me so very much!! my reward for enduring football, hockey, bowling and countless other sub-standard sports is the wonderful light at the end of the tunnel…March…

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