alligator hands

Another wonderful thing of being Worlds Greatest Mom now includes being “uncool”. I don’t mind. I wasn’t cool when i was 12 so why would it surprise me that i’m not cool now??

Music has always been very important in our house. I play piano, Jay plays trumpet and Jason used to sing. I’ve listened to all genre’s of music, but admittedly I’m a country girl at heart. I go to country concerts (attending my 7th Kenny Chesney concert in 2 weeks) and have my absolute favorites. Now, don’t get me wrong…I don’t believe in “genres” per se. I love anything from Lady Gaga to Willie Nelson…for me, it’s either good music or bad music. So the fact that my son likes only pop music isn’t a really big deal for me. The other day as I was attempting to sing along with my son in the truck to the song “Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga I evidently couldn’t sing without moving my hands in an “alligator” fashion. So not only can I not get the words right (what the heck is ro-ma-ro-ma-ma anyways?) I have the alligator hands to live with now. Luckily now, Worlds Cutest 6th Grader just shakes his head and laughs when I start singing with the alligator hands a flapping!!

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