Something Borrowed

Today I went to go see this movie. I have long since loved the books by Emily Giffin but to see the story pan out on the screen added an entire new dimension to a beloved story.

For some, all they can see is the cheating. For others, all they can see is the betrayals. For yet even more others, all they can see is how this is so real in today’s world. But for me, the story that has always stuck out was the story of the two friends. Best friends. How they were always there for each other. How they grew up and one was the giver and one was the taker.
Perhaps because I know the story of what happens next…how Darcy’s & Rachel’s friendship is never ever the same…how they can are never really friends again reminds me of the best friend I had…who left my life unexpectedly and so callously. Today I miss her a little bit. But more importantly, I’m reminded of all the wonderful friends who have come and stayed in my life and I’m yet again reminded how truly blessed I am to have them in my life. So to Rachele, Erica, Amy, Laurie & Sherri…REALS…thank you for being in my life and wanting to stay there!!


our new addition

for months i had been looking for a playmate for our beloved Lakota who was turning the ripe old age of 2. she is a bundle of energy and we wanted her to have a fellow puppy to play with. after months, we have finally found the perfect puppy…and now Lakota wants nothing to do with her…go figure, right??

Lakota is a full blooded toy terrier and the light of my life. but we bought her for my son so technically she is my son’s puppy. Seneca is a cock-a-poo/miniature pincher mix and is an entire 2.7 lbs. Seneca wants to run and jump and play with Lakota, Lakota just growls and goes and jumps on the couch where Seneca can’t get to her.
our wonderful vet has assured me that things in my house will settle down in the next few weeks and just to try and maintain some semblance of order. in the mean time, i’ll just be thankful my house has turned upside down for a few weeks!!
this is my view from working all day long…her between my legs either sleeping or wanting to play.

what a weekend…

my weekend started off with the most amazing singer singing to me some of my favorites songs. there’s nothing like hanging out with Kenny Chesney for a night!!

then we had the wonderful privilege of adding to our family. we had been trying to find a playmate for Lakota for about 4 months and on a fluke my sister in law mentioned that they were getting puppies and they had one left, a little girl. so i made a couple calls and this weekend we were finally able to bring her home. Seneca Jo Padgett, born March 16, 2011.
then of course it was Mother’s Day. it’s always a hard day for me. for years it was because i couldn’t ever have children, i would never be called Mom, and it would totally mess with my mental health. then there were a few years after Jayden came along it was awesome. then my Mom died…and i wished for those Mother’s Days back that i had spend with Jason, Jayden & I alone as a family…so that i could spend them with her as well. today i spent the day with my wonderful husband, the Worlds Greatest Kid, my name sake, her hubby & my girls. my incident with the iPhone taking a swim caused me to buy a new fancy phone last week that was my Mother’s Day gift and Racheal & Dennis & girls got me a beautiful watch.
what an amazing weekend…i feel so loved and so very blessed.

Academic Excellence

So…I get this notice from the school that Jason and I have to attend this function for outgoing 6th graders. Admist the 22nd anniversary, Jeff’s graduation the significance of this ceremony was lost to me…we get all geared up to go only to find that it’s the 6th & 8th grade recognition night for Academic Excellence. It was very much like a graduation…it was nice to see all the kids in Elkhart Community Schools who are excelling. It was also nice that I was able to see my niece walk across the stage after my son. He achieved this award by having higher than a 3.5 grade point average his entire elementary “career”. I am blessed to have such an amazing son.

#1 Nephew

I have been involved with the Padgett family since December 1986. Jason and I began dating then and I quickly needed to absorb the huge family that he came from. I met all the brothers and the 2 sisters were living out of town. One recently had gotten married and lived in California. As time went on, I was finally able to meet both of them…and it wasn’t too long that Susan was pregnant (she was the one married and in California). Jason asked me to marry him just a few months before his first nephew was born. In November before we married in April, Jeffrey made his appearance. He was just a little guy at our wedding. I remember the 2 days after Jayden was born, George, Susan, Jeff (and by then they had Jenni & Jacki) were the first to come visit Jayden. Jeff was all of 10…in his profound way he asked since Jayden was Hispanic, would he speak Spanish when he talked. I remember text messages, conversations about girls and lots of laughs…especially over chips & salsa. Today I went to his college graduation. It doesn’t seem possible that the time has passed so quickly, but it has and today I was so proud to watch him get his college degree…I’m even prouder I’m privileged enough to be called his aunt.