#1 Nephew

I have been involved with the Padgett family since December 1986. Jason and I began dating then and I quickly needed to absorb the huge family that he came from. I met all the brothers and the 2 sisters were living out of town. One recently had gotten married and lived in California. As time went on, I was finally able to meet both of them…and it wasn’t too long that Susan was pregnant (she was the one married and in California). Jason asked me to marry him just a few months before his first nephew was born. In November before we married in April, Jeffrey made his appearance. He was just a little guy at our wedding. I remember the 2 days after Jayden was born, George, Susan, Jeff (and by then they had Jenni & Jacki) were the first to come visit Jayden. Jeff was all of 10…in his profound way he asked since Jayden was Hispanic, would he speak Spanish when he talked. I remember text messages, conversations about girls and lots of laughs…especially over chips & salsa. Today I went to his college graduation. It doesn’t seem possible that the time has passed so quickly, but it has and today I was so proud to watch him get his college degree…I’m even prouder I’m privileged enough to be called his aunt.


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