what a weekend…

my weekend started off with the most amazing singer singing to me some of my favorites songs. there’s nothing like hanging out with Kenny Chesney for a night!!

then we had the wonderful privilege of adding to our family. we had been trying to find a playmate for Lakota for about 4 months and on a fluke my sister in law mentioned that they were getting puppies and they had one left, a little girl. so i made a couple calls and this weekend we were finally able to bring her home. Seneca Jo Padgett, born March 16, 2011.
then of course it was Mother’s Day. it’s always a hard day for me. for years it was because i couldn’t ever have children, i would never be called Mom, and it would totally mess with my mental health. then there were a few years after Jayden came along it was awesome. then my Mom died…and i wished for those Mother’s Days back that i had spend with Jason, Jayden & I alone as a family…so that i could spend them with her as well. today i spent the day with my wonderful husband, the Worlds Greatest Kid, my name sake, her hubby & my girls. my incident with the iPhone taking a swim caused me to buy a new fancy phone last week that was my Mother’s Day gift and Racheal & Dennis & girls got me a beautiful watch.
what an amazing weekend…i feel so loved and so very blessed.

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