our new addition

for months i had been looking for a playmate for our beloved Lakota who was turning the ripe old age of 2. she is a bundle of energy and we wanted her to have a fellow puppy to play with. after months, we have finally found the perfect puppy…and now Lakota wants nothing to do with her…go figure, right??

Lakota is a full blooded toy terrier and the light of my life. but we bought her for my son so technically she is my son’s puppy. Seneca is a cock-a-poo/miniature pincher mix and is an entire 2.7 lbs. Seneca wants to run and jump and play with Lakota, Lakota just growls and goes and jumps on the couch where Seneca can’t get to her.
our wonderful vet has assured me that things in my house will settle down in the next few weeks and just to try and maintain some semblance of order. in the mean time, i’ll just be thankful my house has turned upside down for a few weeks!!
this is my view from working all day long…her between my legs either sleeping or wanting to play.

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