Something Borrowed

Today I went to go see this movie. I have long since loved the books by Emily Giffin but to see the story pan out on the screen added an entire new dimension to a beloved story.

For some, all they can see is the cheating. For others, all they can see is the betrayals. For yet even more others, all they can see is how this is so real in today’s world. But for me, the story that has always stuck out was the story of the two friends. Best friends. How they were always there for each other. How they grew up and one was the giver and one was the taker.
Perhaps because I know the story of what happens next…how Darcy’s & Rachel’s friendship is never ever the same…how they can are never really friends again reminds me of the best friend I had…who left my life unexpectedly and so callously. Today I miss her a little bit. But more importantly, I’m reminded of all the wonderful friends who have come and stayed in my life and I’m yet again reminded how truly blessed I am to have them in my life. So to Rachele, Erica, Amy, Laurie & Sherri…REALS…thank you for being in my life and wanting to stay there!!


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