the ring story

So as the story goes…I’ve wanted a Mother’s ring since the World’s Greatest 7th Grader was about 3 yrs old. But it’s not something a Mom wants to buy for herself. So as he’s gotten older, I’ve mentioned it a couple times with no avail. This past May we were out shopping and I stopped at the Wal-Mart jewelry counter to drool (like I do every time) at the Mother’s or Family jewelry. We discussed it some but nothing significant. On Mother’s Day, the World’s Greatest 7th Grader came up to me and said, “I don’t want to tell you this but if I don’t you may just go buy it anyway but I’m saving my money to get you your Mother’s ring, Mom” – a great day for Mom!! The story goes on to the next Wednesday night. As usual, the World’s Greatest 7th Grader and I are glued to the TV while American Idol is on. They are down to 3, Haley, Lauren & Scotty (who he has in the AI pool). I watched as my James was sent home the week before. The World’s Greatest 7th Grader says, “Mom, if Scotty win’s I’ll have that money to buy your ring and you won’t have to wait so long.” I am touched but secretly now pulling for Scotty. As it goes, Scotty wins, we deliberate over which ring we should buy and alas, today…it was delivered. His birthstone (amethyst – purple), November’s birthstone (the month the adoption was final) and my birthstone (garnet – red). It was his idea to have he and I together and he liked this ring so he decided on the adoption day month. In case I’ve never mentioned it, I have the greatest kid ever!!

books, series and more books

I’m an avid reader. I’ve been known to read a book an evening. Sometimes, it will take me close to a week to read a book. Depending on the storyline and how much I’m involved in the story. To say that I have 100’s of books would be an understatement. It’s probably close to 1000’s and now I’ve graduated to e-books. I love (like I love my son, love) my iPad and it’s iBooks application.

A few years ago, my nieces got me hooked on vampire books. I’ve read the Twilight series, the Sookie Stackhouse series, the House of Night series, the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series and now I’m just about done with the Dark Series. That’s alot of books (4, 10, 7, 19, & 18 books). But I love them. Who would have figured?
My favorite books to read are series. I do not like stand alone books. I will read them in a pinch, but I prefer series. I have a wonderful series called “The Brides of Montclair” that I love! I also have part of the “House of Winslow” series. The books by Emily Giffin are also awesome and mostly in series form. “The Savannah Series”, the “Texas Fury series”, the “Vegas Fury series, & the “Kentucky Fury series” are some of the others that I can read and read again.
My favorite authors are Christine Feehan, Jane Peart, Eugenia Price, Laurel Hamilton, Gilbert Winslow, Stephanie Meyers, PC Cast, Charlaine Harris, Debbie Macomber, Emily Giffin, Kristin Hannah just to name a few.
I also enjoy political thrillers. James Patterson, John Grishman & Vince Flynn are favorites of mine. Again, I prefer the series and they have written some good series.
So if you’re a reader, let’s chat. I will soon be in desperate need for more reading material. Recommendations on books and authors are welcomed and encouraged.


As the World’s Greatest 6th Grader graduated, the next night I had the priviledge of attending My-Anna’s (Ryannah) kindergarten graduation. I had the prized seat on the front row. We laughed as she danced and sang, we smiled as she walked up and got her certification of completion and we hugged her and made a big deal after the wonderous event. She was dressed in beautiful red…which just magnified her exuberant mood and personality. Her mom often says that she’s her and I’s kid and Dennis had nothing to do with it…she might be right!!! She is the closest thing I’ll ever have to a girl of my own…and I’m thankful to be in her life.

World’s Greatest 6th…er…7th Grader…

So as time approached the day on the calendar I had no real emotion. Life was moving on and I’m busy with family, work and what not so the day really hadn’t bothered me any. The day came, I went and watched, cheered and was proud of the world greatest kid who was graduating the 6th grade. They served us dinner, we ate, chatted with friends, took pictures and was shocked when he got the Presidential Award of Excellence. Still I was proud but no overwhelming tears of joy/sadness. The last day of school approached…he asked me to pick him up the last day of school. I wait. I wait some more. I wait a little longer. He finally comes out. I ask if he would like to get some pictures of him with the school. He shakes his head no. He gets in the truck. I’m baffled. Until I realize he’s crying. They released everyone but the 6th grade then had them all on the buses and when they released the 6th graders, all other grades & the teachers were standing there cheering them on and congratulating them for their last day at Bristol Elementary. Students, teachers and even obnoxious pre-teen boys were sobbing their eyes out. Of course this tends to be World’s Greatest Mom’s undoing. Worlds Greatest 6th (now 7th) Grader and I were having a little emotional moment. World’s Greatest Mom had flash backs of the little boy who cried all the way home on the bus when he realized it was his last day of 1st grade. I finally had my moment. The calendar tells me he’s no longer my baby, but we all know he is…and our emotional moment just strengthened that bond a little more. So it’s with great pride I introduce you to the World’s Greatest 7th Grader, recipient of the Presidential Award of Excellence and the recipient of the Elkhart Country Academic Excellent…my baby, Jay Padgett.