World’s Greatest 6th…er…7th Grader…

So as time approached the day on the calendar I had no real emotion. Life was moving on and I’m busy with family, work and what not so the day really hadn’t bothered me any. The day came, I went and watched, cheered and was proud of the world greatest kid who was graduating the 6th grade. They served us dinner, we ate, chatted with friends, took pictures and was shocked when he got the Presidential Award of Excellence. Still I was proud but no overwhelming tears of joy/sadness. The last day of school approached…he asked me to pick him up the last day of school. I wait. I wait some more. I wait a little longer. He finally comes out. I ask if he would like to get some pictures of him with the school. He shakes his head no. He gets in the truck. I’m baffled. Until I realize he’s crying. They released everyone but the 6th grade then had them all on the buses and when they released the 6th graders, all other grades & the teachers were standing there cheering them on and congratulating them for their last day at Bristol Elementary. Students, teachers and even obnoxious pre-teen boys were sobbing their eyes out. Of course this tends to be World’s Greatest Mom’s undoing. Worlds Greatest 6th (now 7th) Grader and I were having a little emotional moment. World’s Greatest Mom had flash backs of the little boy who cried all the way home on the bus when he realized it was his last day of 1st grade. I finally had my moment. The calendar tells me he’s no longer my baby, but we all know he is…and our emotional moment just strengthened that bond a little more. So it’s with great pride I introduce you to the World’s Greatest 7th Grader, recipient of the Presidential Award of Excellence and the recipient of the Elkhart Country Academic Excellent…my baby, Jay Padgett.


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