The History of the Corndog

For many a year, the World Cutest Seventh Grader and myself have been taking an entire day and enjoying the Fair together.  I take a day off work, we make a big deal about sleeping in and then heading out to the Fairgrounds.  Now for those of you who do not know where we live, we live in Elkhart County, IN.  They have the largest county fair in the Nation.  Most state fairs are smaller than our county fair.  We have typically gone out on “kids day”.  But after last year, we decided to go when “the big kids go” on wristband day.  Mom does fairly good with that as she loses patience with all the strollers and babies and people who think their kid is all that.  (Now I KNOW my kid is all that – THAT is the difference between me and them!)

So every year, for breakfast at the Fair, he has his corndog.  (I know right?  I’m the coolest Mom ever)  We now have 5 or 6 different pictures of him and his “annual corndog”.  I know the time is coming when he will no longer want to “hang with Mom” at the Fair…in fact, he’s already asked me if we can take someone along with us next year.  But rest assured, friends, cousins, siblings, whomever…Mom WILL get the corndog picture!!!

Click here to see the corndog photos!


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