it simply can’t be true!

So as the time approached, I had no issue with it.  The shopping, the planning, the orientation – I lived through with no apprehension.  As the day dawned, I was completely fine.  He was up with his alarm, ready to go, student ID on, his shirt tucked in, his trumpet & book bag all ready to go.  It wasn’t until I dropped the World’s Greatest 7th Grader off at his junior high that it finally dawned on me – I am the mother of a junior high school student.  This simply can NOT be true.  I am no way that old.  At 29 (xx), how can my baby be in junior high??  I don’t know how the math plays out, but he is indeed a 7th grader and I’m still 29!!


I *may* have a problem…

I believe I was about 8 years old when a dear family friend, Johnny Lawson, had me over to her house and as I sat with this dear old lady she started something that still to this day I love…purses.  All shapes, sizes, colors, material…I LOVE them!! Every shopping experience would include a purse if I could possibly get by with it. 

Most of my friends know of my obsession; some call it an fetish.  I don’t care what it’s called…I just LOVE them!! I have Vera Bradley’s, Wal-Mart brand, Target brand, Kohl’s is also a favorite and my newest love is 31 Gifts (which include personalization).  To say I have lots of purses would be an understatement…my guess for the current purse count in my house would be close to 75 purses.  (Yes, it’s time for a friendly purse sale…anyone interested in a slightly used, sale priced purse?)

I could easily change my purse every day.  I love to “play purses”.  For those of you who do NOT know what that means, it means to either clean out or change purses.  As a young toddler, the World’s Greatest 7th Grader loved to help me “play purses” but as the World’s Greatest 7th Grader, not so much.  I can’t imagine why not! =)

Now the joy of playing purses is being passed on to my girls:  Lex, Ky & My-Anna!  They love to “play purses” with Aunt Jenny!!  What a great memory for us to share…I can pass on my love of purses just as that dear old lady, Johnny Lawson, did to me.  Did I mention that I love purses?

Now for those of you who go months and even *gasp* years without ever changing your purse…I envy you.  I could not do that if my very life depended on it.  I would be stir crazy within a few weeks…white hair and no doubt white jacketed doctors as well.  Every purse I try the goal is to be like you…to love my purse so much it will work day in and day out.  To date, I’ve not found such a purse. 

As an adult, educated and slightly intelligent, I can see that my ability to “manage” my purses (buy new ones, take care of them, etc) is my attempt to control the uncontrollable things in my life – World’s Greatest 7th Grader growing up; needing to take care of Pop (the elderly father); being World’s Greatest Aunt to my namesake and the girls – Lex, Ky & My-Anna; time passing by to fast when I’m still just 29; etc…you get the idea.  I love purses!  Cloth lined, easy access to my necessities, pockets, zippers, straps…all the important issues when selecting THE perfect purse. 

the view from my desk…with my newest love – the black purse with the hot pink “J”

is blood thicker than water?

I come from a very diverse (some would say dysfunctional) family.  I’m closer to some of my hubby’s cousins than I am my own flesh and blood.  It’s these relationships that have me wondering, ‘is blood thicker than water?’. 

I married into a very traditional family.  Divorce was rare and frowned upon (at the time), my in-laws had been married 25+ years and it seemed wonderful that I would gain this huge family as my own.  Life has a funny way of playing tricks on me and for the longest time I felt like I didn’t belong.  Enter infertility, death of my sister, adoption of my wonderful son. Fast forward 12 years and add in the death of my mom…and I still feel like I have to “fight” my way to be accepted.  Then, the unexpected happens.  We need help.  My family can’t be bothered.  And alas, here comes my husband’s family in full force.  Perhaps I do belong after all.

Then…from an unexpected chat on Facebook brings me these wonderful women who finally make me feel like I belong…that I fit.  I never knew that I would have so much in common with these women who I hardly knew…but through the monthly “chats” over cards I have come to realize that I do belong, that I do fit.  They have given me more laughs, more acceptance and more love than I ever thought I would be able to find and for that I’m so thankful!!  I would not trade my monthly therapy sessions for anything.  Love you girls!!

is blood thicker than water?  absolutely not.