is blood thicker than water?

I come from a very diverse (some would say dysfunctional) family.  I’m closer to some of my hubby’s cousins than I am my own flesh and blood.  It’s these relationships that have me wondering, ‘is blood thicker than water?’. 

I married into a very traditional family.  Divorce was rare and frowned upon (at the time), my in-laws had been married 25+ years and it seemed wonderful that I would gain this huge family as my own.  Life has a funny way of playing tricks on me and for the longest time I felt like I didn’t belong.  Enter infertility, death of my sister, adoption of my wonderful son. Fast forward 12 years and add in the death of my mom…and I still feel like I have to “fight” my way to be accepted.  Then, the unexpected happens.  We need help.  My family can’t be bothered.  And alas, here comes my husband’s family in full force.  Perhaps I do belong after all.

Then…from an unexpected chat on Facebook brings me these wonderful women who finally make me feel like I belong…that I fit.  I never knew that I would have so much in common with these women who I hardly knew…but through the monthly “chats” over cards I have come to realize that I do belong, that I do fit.  They have given me more laughs, more acceptance and more love than I ever thought I would be able to find and for that I’m so thankful!!  I would not trade my monthly therapy sessions for anything.  Love you girls!!

is blood thicker than water?  absolutely not.


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