the 13 yrs of Christmas

Back when the World’s Greatest 7th Grader was about to be born, we were asked to adopt him on Christmas eve.  I had this great idea that for every year he was with us, I would buy him a new Christmas tree ornament with an extra one so that when he left us to start his own adult life, he would have all the ornaments of his childhood ready to go.  So this year we celebrate the 13 yrs of Christmas…

on the 13th yr of Christmas Jayden picked…Batman!
on the 12th yr of Christmas Jayden picked…an ornamant from Disney (our vacation that year)
on the 11th yr of Christmas Jayden picked…Mickey & Minnie (we had just booked our Disney trip)
on the 10th yr of Christmas Jayden picked…Elvis…Blue Blue Blue Suede Shoes…
on the 9th yr of Christmas Jayden picked…Snoopy & Woodstock
on the 8th yr of Christmas Jayden picked…Elvis!
on the 7th yr of Christmas Jayden picked…R2D2
on the 6th yr of Christmas Jayden picked…Snoopy for President!
on the 5th yr of Christmas Jayden picked…Y-O-D-A
on the 4th yr of Christmas Jayden picked…Scooby Doo!
on the 3rd yr of Christmas Jayden picked…Mike from Monsters Inc 
(don’t know why he’s holding up 4)
on the 2nd yr of Christmas Jayden picked…Bob the Tomato & Larry the Cucumber
and a Baby’s First Christmas to put on the tree.

the month of Thanksgiving

As many of my friends are doing on Facebook, I am doing the month of Thanksgiving – each day being thankful for something in our lives.  I tend to do this every year to get me into the mindset of being thankful.  My beloved sister’s birthday is in November as well as my son’s adoption day so there are many things to be thankful for.  This year added another great niece/nephew to the growing list with little Tristian Frederic making his entrance earlier this month as well.  The list of being thankful truly is very, very long.

My comments, though, are for those nay-sayers who have posted several times on their own status updates that they are thankful all year, that they don’t need a month of being thankful and because they are thankful every day.  To those people I say “SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!”  Why rain on our parade of being thankful?  If you don’t like certain people’s Facebook posts, block me or better yet delete me.  I promise not to be mad and will do my very best to be thankful that you followed your instincts instead of just whining about them.
On day 22 of this month of thanksgiving, I’m particularly thankful for my right of free speech and the freedom to voice my own opinion in this medium.  To those serving in our Armed Forces this Thanksgiving, please know this woman in Indiana will be saying a special prayer for you…thanking God for your sacrifice to defend my freedom.


Why do we think that blood would make people trustworthy and honorable?  Why do we assume that because we share blood with someone, they have the same standards as we do?

My heart is hurting today for someone very close to me who was hurt badly by their family.  Judgements, betrayals, and hurtful fighting has hurt this person.  There is nothing I can do but help them to understand that sometimes, family isn’t like that.

Today, while you look around at your family perhaps at the dinner table, or the minivan or the Facebook page remember that family is important and should never be taken for granted.


Family, I love you!!!

What a long time…

Wow!  It seems forever since I was able to sit down and catch the blog up!

Things in my life are going well.  I have had plantars fiacitis & a pinched sciatic nerve this year.  I’m finally starting to feel a little better and was even able to walk a half mile tonight.  A big improvement, I assure you.  Getting old officially sucks as my right ankle (old injury) and my right knee (old injury) both are swollen but I am determined to be able to walk and not be winded.  I am determined to be active if it’s the last thing I do.

Dad is doing well.  He’s had two successful cataract surgeries, and is able to drive again.  This is a blessing to us.  His health continues to improve.  He helps alot around the house and is even talking about doing some projects around the house I’ve wanted done…namely a lazy Susan in the kitchen and adding more shelves into a kitchen cabinet and making other closets in the utility room into coat closets for us.

Jason is doing well.  He’s been biking 12 miles a day and running a mile.  He looks wonderful.  His running days are now behind him as he has some sort of knee issue and is grounded to walking until further notice.  His job is doing well and we are slowly adjusting to life in the parents house.

Jayden is flourishing into quite the tween.  All of a sudden he’s all but 3″ of my height.  His chest is filling out.  His face isn’t smooth as a baby’s butt.  Mr. Principals Honor Roll for the first 9 weeks of 7th grade is doing very well in school.  We are anxiously awaiting for November 17 as the stage 2 braces come off for good.  He’ll be in retainers until he’s in college, but his braces days are almost over.

Our new addition, Seneca is as fiesty as ever.  She keeps the house in constant chaos.  Lakota just looks at her and all but shakes her head in disgust.  Fun times in the puppy department at our house, for sure!

Last year we were cleaning, painting and moving from Sept – December.  This year we are settled and looking forward to the holiday’s.  I’m looking forward to trying to make up a Christmas to my boy who so graciously gave up so much last year so we could move in and get my dad home from the nursing home.

Worlds Greatest 7th Grader

The first 9 weeks of the World’s Greatest 7th Grader has come and gone and I have been remiss to blog about it!!  Making the Principal’s Honor Roll while adjusting to a new school can be hard…but he pulled it off!!  I’m so proud of him.

He has also had his first Junior High Band concert.  Grades sixth through twelfth performed.  It was a very magical moment for World’s Greatest Mom when they played the Elkhart Central Fight Song.  My World’s Greatest 7th Grader was playing it.

Did I mention he did all this while suffering from a stomach virus that lasted for three and a half weeks.

Yea, I’m one proud Momma!!