the month of Thanksgiving

As many of my friends are doing on Facebook, I am doing the month of Thanksgiving – each day being thankful for something in our lives.  I tend to do this every year to get me into the mindset of being thankful.  My beloved sister’s birthday is in November as well as my son’s adoption day so there are many things to be thankful for.  This year added another great niece/nephew to the growing list with little Tristian Frederic making his entrance earlier this month as well.  The list of being thankful truly is very, very long.

My comments, though, are for those nay-sayers who have posted several times on their own status updates that they are thankful all year, that they don’t need a month of being thankful and because they are thankful every day.  To those people I say “SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!”  Why rain on our parade of being thankful?  If you don’t like certain people’s Facebook posts, block me or better yet delete me.  I promise not to be mad and will do my very best to be thankful that you followed your instincts instead of just whining about them.
On day 22 of this month of thanksgiving, I’m particularly thankful for my right of free speech and the freedom to voice my own opinion in this medium.  To those serving in our Armed Forces this Thanksgiving, please know this woman in Indiana will be saying a special prayer for you…thanking God for your sacrifice to defend my freedom.

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