a bonding moment…

Christmas Eve 1998 brought me the greatest gift in the world – Jayden Nicholas David.  He came along to me after 8 years of fertility and many tears.  Since then, not many times has the inability to have children ever bother me.  But tonight, out of the blue, pain and memories that I’ve not thought about in all the time came back to haunt me.  It was because of an episode of the show, “How I Met Your Mother”.  Robin finds out that she can’t have children.  Jayden begins to ask me questions, “did the doctor tell you like that?”, “did it make you sad?”, “did you cry?”, etc.  And we talked about it.  I was reminded how blessed I am to have my son in my life and how much I love him.  It was a great bonding moment and a time where I can tell him yet again how he is my walking, talking miracle from God.  Jayden means Jehovah has heard.  Yes, indeed, Jehovah surely heard my prayers.

How I Met Your Mother, 12/05/11


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