I counted the hours for vacation to get here.  I answered emails and phone calls and tied up as many loose ends as I could find before closing time on December 22.  Vacation hit and shopping ensued.  Christmas shopping, last minute shopping, grocery shopping.  Lunches with friends, dinners with friends and making sure all the i’s were dotted and t’s were crossed.  Christmas Eve came and Mission Impossible 4 was watched, Cheeseburgers in Paradise were made, presents opened and “It’s a Wonderful Life” watched.  Christmas Day came and my Miller girls (& Dennis) came over along with the in-laws.  We ate smoked ham, Jason’s famous turkey, Christmas potatoes and lots of good food made by the Chef and his mom.  We got wonderful Cheyenne Susan for Christmas. Christmas was great!  Vacation was here!

The Christmas decorations were down and boxed back for next year by the 27th.  The hubby and I shopped some after Christmas sales, went to Shipshe for a day, went to dinner a couple times together alone.  Had more kids in my house than I bargained for.  New Years Eve had my Miller girls (& Dennis), Brian & my other hubby Shane and his wife Laurita.  We rang in 2012 and were all home and in bed by 1am.

Today brought good news from the Chiropractor…back has healed almost completely.  Hopefully only maintenance appointments now.  Bowling, walking & Dance Party 3 here I come…I’m determined to be active again.

While I have loved my time away from my job, I’m really ready for some routine.  My conference calls, my email, my phone calls, my projects, my CMAST…oh how I’ve missed you!!!