catching the blog up…

So there was hype about privacy changes that would affect my being a “Google-aholic” around March 1 of this year and I have been looking for a place for my blog every since.  I feel like I’ve lost big chunks of my life during the time that I’ve not been able to blog.  Ahhh…so since February…lots and lots of happened.

My family has been living with my Dad since Christmas of 2009.  Now that my Dad has recovered, living conditions have become tense.  We are just all tired of living together.  So…for the past couple of months I have been looking for houses in Columbus, Indiana to relocate.  To say that we are all ready…an understatement.  Now if we can just get all the pieces to fall into place…

In March, I traveled to Austin, TX for work.  Talk about a fun time!!  I worked in Austin for two days, saw one of my best friends ever – Brenda Lee Troupe and her wonderful sons and then packed up my computer and spent 5 days working from my niece Amanda’s house.  I was able to see baby Tristan and Ethan & Corbin!!  What a great time I had with my work, friends and family.

When I came home from Texas, I was on vacation for Spring Break with the World’s Greatest 7th Grader and AKA.  We did many day trips to Shipshewana & Kalamazoo; bike rides and photo shoots.  Next to last day of vacation, I take my brand new bike out to give it a test spin and low and behold, crashed it.  I almost shattered my knee cap and had to have a trip to the doc.  The knee the size of a cantaloupe and the bruising has slowly, oh so slowly, began to heal.

The day after vacation ended, a friend from church’s son was in a horrible car accident.  8 days of fighting for his life, the 22 yr old passed away.  It was a horrible time.  We celebrated his life this past Saturday.  There was not a dry eye in the place as person after person shared memories of Jared.  You truly never know how much you touch someone.  The next day was the anniversary of my sisters passing.  I kept a very low key day with my boys and remembered good times spent with my beloved “Sissy”. 

Lots has happened in the past 2 months…is it a wonder that I’ve not had time to blog??  Now that my blog has a home, maybe I’ll be better at sharing snippets of my life.


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