In the midst of chaos…

The last week I have cleaned, painted, cleaned, spent too much money at Menards, watched new carpet being laid, saw new steps put on my deck, all at my “new” old house.  We’ve packed boxes here and I don’t know what I would do without my wonderful World’s Greatest 8th Grader.  He’s been a life saver.

As I looked around the living room tonight, I couldn’t believe the feeling of needing to get out of here.  This house has always felt “off” for me and I think it’s because it’s my Mom’s house and not mine.  I realize that while I love my mom and miss her every day, she would not want me to be so miserable.  I have done everything I could to help my Dad and yet it’s still not appreciated or enough.  So when the realization that I needed to do nothing but move home hit me in the face today…I felt a sense of urgency to leave…to get out…to move to “my” home.

So today…today I focus on what I need to do for my life and my family…and in the midst of this chaos, I felt peace.


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