sad, but rejoicing…


Early this morning I noticed a post on Facebook that someone I considered a second mom had passed from this earth to her heavenly home.  I knew she was sick and not doing well, but the shock was all the same.  This dear lady, Mommy Smurf, was the mom of one of my best friends and became a sister-in-law later in our lives.  My mom has been gone for 4 years and 5 months…and yet when I read that Mommy Smurf had passed away, it was as if it was my Mom all over again.  I sat at my desk, in the middle of moving chaos and simply cried.  I cried for the great memories we had, I cried for my dear sister who is mourning the loss of her mom, and I cried that I would never get to give Mommy Smurf another hug until we meet again. 

So here’s to you, Mommy Smurf…may you find peace in life everlasting, may you worship our Lord and may you and Mom rekindle your longstanding friendship and watch over us from above.



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