It was mid school year last year when World’s Greatest 7th Grader was chosen to be a part of an after school program called 5 Star. I didn’t know anything about it but was excited that he was getting involved in extracurricular activities at PMMS.

The first week I noticed a big change in him after going and we discussed it. He said that he was trying to do his goal which was to have a positive attitude. Another week I noticed he was trying to make amends with his friend of all of elementary school. Yet another week I noticed that he was trying to have a better relationship with his biological mom. These are all goals that he has been working on since becoming involved with 5 Star.

At the first award ceremony I noticed right away some very key points that were very familiar to me. I quickly volunteered to help out. Unfortunately work had other plans and I was only able to help out a couple weeks.

As the summer camp approached, I knew that when I sent my kiddo off, he would come back changed. As I suspected, the Summit Adventure was an amazing time for him. He did things I will never get over (climbing up a 28′ telephone pole and jumping off – trusting his friends would catch him with ropes) and learned that his relationship with God is extremely important. He’s asked me question after question and his hunger for knowledge of the Bible is amazing.

I’m so thankful for such an amazing program and more importantly, I’m thankful that God used whatever means he needed to reach out and touch WG8G.


Off the Grid

So I believe it was February and there was snow on the ground.  It was a very dismal day, grey for the most part.  We had paid for the World’s Greatest 8th Grader (7th at the time) to go to DC in June…and since DC was supposed to be our vacation spot this year…were wondering where/what we were doing.  The decision was to for all 8 of us (Racheal, Dennis, Lexi, Kyrah, Anna, Jason, Jayden & myself) to travel to Holiday World in Santa Claus, IN and camp out.  We scheduled it for July 2, 3, &4th.  It was all paid for, everything was ready just waiting for it to get here. 

Fast forward to June.  Jason & Dennis’ work decided they were not letting the workers off for a whole week simply the 5th & 6th.  World’s Greatest Hubby was panic stricken that he wouldn’t get to go.  One call to the campground, and everything was fixed.  Bathing suits bought, new shoes bought, groceries bought and packing began…we leave in less than 24 hours!!!

One reason I wanted to go to Southern Indiana is that I have literally no cell phone signal.  I literally want to be “off the grid” and get in touch with nature, my World’s Greatest Hubby, World’s Greatest 8th Grader and my girls.  So don’t look for me around these parts until much later in the week…or even longer if I can figure out a way to stay “off the grid”!!