Wasn’t it just a few days ago that I put this little boy on the bus to kindergarten?  I remember as if it was simply last week.  I took the day off work, put him on the bus and spent about 2 hours crying and crying out to God to protect my baby.  I read about Hannah and her dedication to give Samuel to the Lord.  These words were a comfort to me.  I’ve let this little boy go to Oklahoma (multiple times) and Texas before he was 5…I should surely be able to trust the Lord to take him a couple miles down the road, right?

I would love to say that I spent each day of his consecutive grades in that much prayer – but I haven’t.  I have tried to pray with him the first day of each new school year.  But to think that I’ve done that 9 times already?  Really?

So now he’s the World’s Greatest 8th Grader…at his last year at Pierre Moran Middle School.  And I simply refuse to acknowledge what comes after that…for now, he’s my little 8th grader…

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a Reason, Season or Lifetime

We’ve all heard the story about how some friends are put in your life for a reason, some for a season and some for a lifetime.  Logically I know this to be true.  But emotionally, I’m always shocked to see it play out in my life. 

I had someone who I thought was in my life for a lifetime.  She left.  And strangely enough she’s poked her head back in at random times recently.  What does this mean?

I had someone who again, I thought was in my life for a lifetime.  But alas, she was here only for one reason – to teach me a lesson.  One I won’t soon forget.

While all the while there are been those three friends who are steadfast and true, never wavering.  Low maintenance, but always dependable; no drama, just support; we can go months without talking and strike up right where we left off. 

So, I ask the question:  is it better to have the one friend your entire life OR several who are always there?