The Shortness of Life

In the wake of so much death and tragedy in my life the last few months, I have begun to re-evaluate many aspects of my life.  In the words of a previous employer, I’m “leaning” my life of things that don’t “add value”.

I have realized that I have way too much “clutter” in my life.  From having 75+ purses and 50+ wallets…to having 7 purses and 13 wallets.  I am even selling my entire Vera Bradley purse collection.  When I totalled up the amount of money I have spent (maybe $20 here or $65 there) I was appalled.  So I’m in the progress of “leaning” my purse collection.

Another way I have begun to “lean” my life is by cutting my hair.  Since I was about 15 years old, I have been so very vain about my hair.  Be it short or long, permed or straight, brown or red or grey…I am obsessed about my hair.  I remember one the last times I saw Tera (my friend who recently died at 34 from ovarian cancer)…she was wearing a wig and she had gotten hot and she went and put on a bandana and I was again stunned by her strength and grace.  I have found that not having hair to worry about (do I put it in a pony tail, do I curl the bangs, do I grow the bangs out, etc) has freed me so that I don’t dwell on my hair.

In the end…when my time comes…will it matter that I had Vera Bradley purses?  will it matter how I wore my hair?  NO.  The only thing that will matter is how I treated people.  Life is simply too short to hold grudges, live with anger, or be surrounded by negative people.  Life is short.



As November 6, 2012 has come and gone I find myself so very thankful for the 19th amendment that allowed me, as a woman, to vote.  Because I can vote, I feel like I can speak in regards to the hate and discention that has flooded our country over the simple thing of party lines.  No longer are we discrimating against women or blacks but against those in a different policital party. 

I don’t care if you’re a Republican or Democrat, if you want the same things that I want for our nation, we are together.  If you do not want the same things that I want for our nation, I applaud your diversity and wish you well.  In the same way that I want my right to believe however I want, I respect your right to NOT believe the same as me.  It’s simply called tolerance. 

Mr. President, I didn’t vote for you, but I support you in the next four years of governing our great nation.  Regardless if I would like you as a person or not is completely irrelevant, I respect your office and with that I say, good job, Mr. President, good job.

Breaking the Bank!

1st Grading Period of 8th Grade

The first grading period of the 8th grade is upon us and the World’s Greatest 8th Grader didn’t disappoint – unless you call getting an A- a disappointment. I now owe him $49 because for every “A”, he gets $7. At least this is fairly cheap…next year begins the $10 per every “A” he gets. I would rather be poor with a smart kid, than rich with one who didn’t apply himself. Did I mention how proud I am of my World’s Greatest 8th Grader? I’m not sure there are enough words…