The Shortness of Life

In the wake of so much death and tragedy in my life the last few months, I have begun to re-evaluate many aspects of my life.  In the words of a previous employer, I’m “leaning” my life of things that don’t “add value”.

I have realized that I have way too much “clutter” in my life.  From having 75+ purses and 50+ wallets…to having 7 purses and 13 wallets.  I am even selling my entire Vera Bradley purse collection.  When I totalled up the amount of money I have spent (maybe $20 here or $65 there) I was appalled.  So I’m in the progress of “leaning” my purse collection.

Another way I have begun to “lean” my life is by cutting my hair.  Since I was about 15 years old, I have been so very vain about my hair.  Be it short or long, permed or straight, brown or red or grey…I am obsessed about my hair.  I remember one the last times I saw Tera (my friend who recently died at 34 from ovarian cancer)…she was wearing a wig and she had gotten hot and she went and put on a bandana and I was again stunned by her strength and grace.  I have found that not having hair to worry about (do I put it in a pony tail, do I curl the bangs, do I grow the bangs out, etc) has freed me so that I don’t dwell on my hair.

In the end…when my time comes…will it matter that I had Vera Bradley purses?  will it matter how I wore my hair?  NO.  The only thing that will matter is how I treated people.  Life is simply too short to hold grudges, live with anger, or be surrounded by negative people.  Life is short.


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