An Unforgettable Legacy

When word came that my dear friend, pastor and adopted Dad was nearing heaven’s gates I passed the word along to those I could and began to pray.  This man changed my life.  He brought his family to northeastern Oklahoma to serve as pastor of the Evangelical Methodist Church of Bartlesville from 1983-1984.  During that time and under his ministry, I came to know the Lord, my family came to know the Lord and many other friends were led to the Lord.  In March 1985, their family moved from Bartlesville, OK to Bristol, IN.  In July of 1985 we visited them for over a month.  During this time, I went to camp with my dear friends (his daughters) Deede & Brenda Troupe.  I started attending their youth group.  I got to know some of the people here.  After our vacation, we moved to Indiana and our friendship deepened.  I was officially adopted into his family.  We had holiday’s together.  We shared Christmas gifts.  I called him “Dastor Pad” (Pastor Dad) and his wife Mom Brenda.  My mom and Mom Brenda were inseparable.  David, his son, was the man who lead me in the prayer of salvation.  There are a thousand and one memories tied with this man and his family.  Because of this man, I know the Lord, moved to Indiana, met my husband and haveh the life I have now.  My son, the apple of my eye, is named after this man and his son, David.  While he may stand on the edge of heaven, I see what a remarkable legacy this man leaves.  Not only in his own family…where there are two generations serving the Lord, but I see the “outlying” family such as myself.  I know of so many people this man has touched.  I am so very blessed to have been a small, small part of his legacy.  But I’m even more thankful that his legacy lives on within my family.DJJD