Friendship…or lack thereof…

Do you ever feel like you have many “friends” and yet you’re still incredibly lonely? Ever feel like you talk to your friends but its simply superficial? Do you find yourself wishing you had a friendship that was deeper than the pleasantries?

I find myself in this exact spot in my life. While there have been a few who could have worn the label “BFF” in my life, they have all left, gone AWOL leaving behind scars that may truly never heal. I have a core group of friends who I love, they aren’t really the deep, dark secret type of friends…like the “BFF” would be. I have had one “BFF” that I wish would have worked out, that hadn’t ended badly, that had some hope of repairing. But, I don’t believe it would ever be restored without an intervention from the Lord Himself. I have tried getting involved in different activities yet haven’t found any one that could really be considered friends.

How does one cultivate this type of friendship? How do I develop this type of friendship in my life? What can I do to be ready for this type of friendship should it ever come in my life again? I’ve tried considering how it has happened in the past, but in my experience it simply happened; much like waking up one day and realizing it was there without really knowing it existed before.

This is my prayer today…that I could find myself with a girlfriend “who sticks closer than a brother…”