Saying “Until We Meet Again”

So as I prepared my heart to begin seeing people for the last time, I am specifically NOT saying goodbye.  I don’t believe in goodbye’s.  We never, ever know the future and therefore nothing is permanent.   Not even the death of my Mama & sister are permanent, because I will see them again in heaven.

I’ve said “Until We Meet Again” so many people this past week.  None of them were particularly easy for me.  Erica, Ryan, Megan, Bubba, Tina, Taba, Tim, Kiesha, Logan, Daniel, Savannah, Jeremy, Madi, Haze, Darcy, Josh, Jen, Joce, Justice and more yet to come this week…

2013-06-15 14.23.272013-06-15 14.31.34 2013-06-15 14.23.56  2013-06-15 15.23.09 2013-06-13 12.12.30  2013-06-21 19.56.04 2013-06-22 15.46.08


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