Home & Family

Having recently moved to Oklahoma from Indiana, I was starting to get a little lonesome.  Meeting new friends or connecting with old ones has been difficult at best as it’s summer and everyone is busy, busy!  So it was a welcome diversion to have my in-laws in town for a visit over the last week.

We have enjoyed playing games with each other, eating way too much and playing tourist here in Tulsa.  We even took them to my home town of Bartlesville (the first time I’ve returned there since my Momma had passed).  I must admit as we traveled the road into Bartlesville from Woolaroc, there was a lump in my throat.  There is nothing like coming home…even if the home you’ve remembered and cherished is much different.  Since when was there a Lowe’s where the softball fields used to be? And how long has my beloved “Lot A Burger” been closed? We drove by my childhood home.  I can’t believe how small it is!  We drove by my Mammoo’s (maternal grandma’s) house and I had to check the address to make sure it was the same home.  But there are some things that remain the same:  the Civic Center, Central Junior High, Johnstone Park, the Kiddie Park, Sonic & Murphy’s.  It was very surreal to me to be so close to the things I love and hold dear and it reminded me yet again, that be it through blood, marriage or friendship, there is nothing like home and family!

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boxes, boxes and more boxes!

So we have been moved into our new apartment for 24 days.  That’s 3 weeks and 3 days for those learning impaired.  And yet I still have boxes everywhere!!!  I can’t get rid of them fast enough. 

Later this week my inlaws are in from Indiana and the goal was to have all the boxes unpacked and the apartment in order before they got here.  As you can see from the picture, that is NOT going to happen.  So now I am settling on getting the 2 boxes out of the living room.  The rest is “tolerable”. 

It is my fervent prayer to the Lord above that I am able to stay here the entire time my son is in high school so I do not have to move for 4 years.  “Dear Lord, hear my prayer….”


teenaged boys

I remember when he was oh so little and squirmy and held onto my finger for dear life.  Now, he is taller than me and can hardly even be in the same room with me without getting mad at me.  It’s amazing what 14 years will do…LOL

Boys, I’m starting to learn, are smelly, have strange sense of humors and prefer to play video games rather than speak to others in the house.  They want to eat at odd times (I hear the door to the bedroom open at 11:30ish sometimes) and are NEVER full.  They want all the benefits of being 14 and responsible yet tend to “blank out” at the most opportune times.  They want the cash for doing their chores yet seem to always “forget” to do them.

Yet, when the same smelly, mouthy, hungry boy looks at me and laughs at a joke I made, gives me a real hug or kisses me on the cheek, there is a glimpse of the little boy who thought I hung the moon.  Those are the moments that make everything else worthwhile.