teenaged boys

I remember when he was oh so little and squirmy and held onto my finger for dear life.  Now, he is taller than me and can hardly even be in the same room with me without getting mad at me.  It’s amazing what 14 years will do…LOL

Boys, I’m starting to learn, are smelly, have strange sense of humors and prefer to play video games rather than speak to others in the house.  They want to eat at odd times (I hear the door to the bedroom open at 11:30ish sometimes) and are NEVER full.  They want all the benefits of being 14 and responsible yet tend to “blank out” at the most opportune times.  They want the cash for doing their chores yet seem to always “forget” to do them.

Yet, when the same smelly, mouthy, hungry boy looks at me and laughs at a joke I made, gives me a real hug or kisses me on the cheek, there is a glimpse of the little boy who thought I hung the moon.  Those are the moments that make everything else worthwhile.


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