Silence is Golden

So for like 11 days it’s been 5 people in my apartment.  Add in two dogs.  It was fun, loud, busy, enjoyable.  My in-laws were in town to check out where we had moved to and WGS was not being his normal moody self – so it was a great time of family.  Monday morning at 3:45 am my in-laws left, at 6 am WGS left and at 7:30 hubster went to work…that left me and the canine children.  It was silent.  There was no laughing, no joking around, no yelling at the xbox…there wasn’t even a bark from the canine children.  Silence is supposed to be a good thing but after one day I find the silence disturbing.  There is too much time to think of all the things that need done, how much work I have to do, how much my apartment needs cleaned, how short my time is with WGS truly is.  So…they say silence is golden but I’m finding it annoying, so Kenny is blasting on my computer speakers and I’m trying to get the mind focused on work…


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